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50 CINEMART DR, Toronto, ON

(416) 283-2937

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Fair.. Had to wait forever to get a table (servers were told not to sit anybody at any tables). We sat for 1/2 hour before anyone came over to us to take our drinks order. At that point we were quickly given service and the food was okay not great, but once done we had to wait another half-hour before being brought our bill, then with our credit cards out on the table we still had to wait yet another 20 minutes before I finally put on my coat and started leaving... Server brought the credit card machine damn quick then but - surprise - my credit card was "reversed" whatever that means so they needed to check that and take my card again and... well... another 15 minutes while the couple we were with had to wait for their bill to be taken... what a huge waste of time and you know what? I Will Never Go To Kelsey's Ever Again the end.

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