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50 CINEMART DR, Toronto, ON

(416) 283-2937

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Poor Very very bad service!! I usually never write bad reviews, but this one was hands down the WORST SERVICE EVER!!! So.. I've been coming to Kelsey's often, since it's just few steps away from my house. Many times we'd had issues with servers forgetting our orders, or delay in taking orders but last Saturday was particularly very bad.. We'd just arrived, and this girl comes and directs us to our booth, mentioning she's going to be our server for the night (we were pleased with her coz she was polite).. But here, another server (a guy) comes and takes our order, "2 Canadian beer and Fajita Party- Combo for 2", which I also pointed at on the menu.. The server places the order.. Few minutes later, the initial server (the girl) comes back to us with "2 plates+ 2 salads + 2 fajita platters".. (since we've had the fajita party a number of times before.. we know it's usually one platter of salad and one for the fajita) So we just pointed to the server that we ordered the combo for 2.. (and not 2 separate ones) just to be sure the order was right! She laughs and says she'll get "Marco" who was the server who took the order. This gentleman comes and we explain the situation again.. to which he VERY RUDELY replies that "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS COMBO FOR 2", telling me that it's my mistake!! Apparently I ordered wrongly, or my English wasn't good enough for him!! So he takes the 2 platters and turns to go back and loudly says "HUH..SUCH A WASTE OF FOOD", again like "IT WAS OUR MISTAKE" (NOT TO MENTION PEOPLE LOOKING AT US) Dumbfounded, I decided to get the menu back and see if it was my mistake.. EVEN IF I CLEARLY REMEMBERED THAT I READ IT FROM THE MENU "COMBO FOR 2".. to which I was right.. So i showed the rude server the menu.. Now he tells me.. "OH YEAH, THE MENU HAS CHANGED!! WE DON'T HAVE THAT ANYMORE" which he NEVER even mentioned when we placed the order!!!!!!! maybe he expected us to guess.. or read his mind!!! Yet again, his bad attitude, NOT ONCE DID HE APOLOGIZE!! He brought back "one platter of salad+fajita+chicken" rudely put one plate in front of me and leaves!!!! EVEN IF WE WERE TWO AT THE TABLE!! WE WERE SO EMBARRASSED! IT WAS VERY HUMILIATING!! LIKE PUTTING DOG FOOD IN FRONT OF YOU.. WHICH YOU ALSO HAVE TO PAY FOR AT THE END!! Anyway.. It wasn't even the end of this awful experience.. Our rude server comes back with the "other" platter of salad + fajitas.. and says "HERE YOU GO.. YOU CAN HAVE THIS ONE TOO.. WE DON'T WANNA THROW IT" (WITH HIS VOICE TONE.. IT SOUNDED MORE LIKE.."HERE YOU GO.. SOME MORE DOG FOOD) (SERIOUSLY???!!!!! YOU CAN HAVE IT COZ WE DON'T WANNA THROW IT!!!!) I DON'T EVEN SERVE MY DOG LIKE THAT!!! So...which we politely declined.. We didn't want to create a scene.. so.. 15 minutes later..we paid and left.. We just went to Kelsey's for some good time.. WHAT A CRIME WE COMMITTED!! THIS SERVER DID HIS BEST TO SCREW OUR EVENING.. AND HE DID!!! We were loyal customers to Kelseys.. but now.. there's no way we're going back there!! And I'll make sure to tell everybody I know that they can go to Kelseys if they wanna be humiliated in public!! P.S: MAYBE THIS SERVER WAS HAVING A BAD DAY... BUT HE DIDN'T NEED TO SCREW MINE.. Especially because it was the last weekend with my fiancE before I go away for another 5 weeks!!!

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